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Walk In the Park

Walk In the Park (Cover).png

"Walk in the Park" ignites with raw energy as Albertan titans Dayy and G Major XCLSV introduce a thunderous collaboration! With infectious hooks and relentless flows, they craft an anthem for the hustlers and dreamers, the ones who thrive amidst chaos.

Tall Order

Tall Order (Cover).png

 "Tall Order" is a gritty anthem from the heart of the Savannah! Wrapped in the raw energy of hip-hop, it pulses with the swagger of Lions and the whispers of prowling Hyenas. The symphonic inspired beat, produced by "David" punctuates tales of hustlers navigating the urban jungle. The lyrics, sharp as a mountain's edge, paint a vivid mural of survival in a world where loyalty is currency and betrayal lurks behind every shadow.

Ready For Whatever

Ready for Whatever (Cover).jpg

"Ready for Whatever" is a dynamic Hip-Hop anthem pulsating with an infectious beat and gritty, introspective lyrics.

Through its multi-genre’d fusion of catchy hooks and raw emotion, along with an upbeat tempo and dark undertones, it speaks on the struggles of life with a relentless pursuit of happiness, while capturing the essence of resilience and unwavering determination, celebrating the power of living in the moment, no matter the circumstances.


Anything & Everything (Cover).PNG

In love's embrace, we sway, Anything & Everything, our hearts convey.
- Dedicated to my love.

Take a Drive/Sticky

Take a Drive_Sticky (Cover).jpg

"Take a Drive/Sticky" is a captivating Hip Hop track that seamlessly merges two songs into one. G Major XCLSV, Blue Way 7, & Miss Benzo collaborate to deliver a unique musical experience. With a laid-back vibe and bouncy beat, the song invites listeners on a sonic journey. The trio showcases their versatility with a dynamic mix of vocals, blending hip hop, singing, and reggae elements. This fusion of styles creates a captivating synergy that keeps the audience engaged from start to finish, making "Take a Drive/Sticky" a must-listen for fans of diverse and genre-blurring music.

Pull Up to Di Spot

Pull up to di spot (Cover).jpg

A little bit of sexy, with a variety of flows to keep your ears chimed in to all of the smooth melodic sounds!



Promoting health, self care, and growth of ones concisousness is the what we aim to acheive. With a unique overlay of vocals, and an inspiring message, you'll be encouraged to live a clean lifestyle!

Face Clean

Face Clean (Cover).png

Promoting health, self care, and growth of ones concisousness is the what we aim to acheive. With a unique overlay of vocals, and an inspiring message, you'll be encouraged to live a clean lifestyle!

Deep Space

Deep Space Cover.jpg

An interstellar sound experience that will heighten your senses, and take you on a journey to another dimension.

Jet Lag

jet lag cover.PNG

Jet Lag is about uplifting and elevating your mindset, taking your thoughts to unexplored heights through meditating to the high vibration, and low frequency bass rumble, in addition to the eclectic mixture of lyrical and delivery styles from G Major XCLSV, Blue Ray 7, and Miss Benzo. Whether you smoke to get high, or are high off love and life, Jet Lag is the experience you constantly seek.

Get It Good

Get It Good Cover.png

This one is for the people who like to have a good time, enjoy yourself care free, and let the sound of the melodies take you away! Written and Produced by G Major XCLSV.


Collective XE - YA cover.png

Infusing a classic Hip-Hop feel with Jamaican, Rap, and Melodic vocals, YA takes you a journey through the 5th Dimension, with a mixture of medetative, energetic, and sensual lyricism from G Major XCSLV, Blue Ray 7, and Miss Benzo, while the beat (Prod. by BeatSmith Music) provides a serious head-knocking bounce!

Melt the Pot

Melt the pot Cover.JPEG

G Major XCLSV bring a new energy to 2022! This new Hip Hop single will keep your head nodding and your finger on the lighter as the bars come in fluidly.

I need a Drink

I need a drink cover.JPEG

Who doesn't a drink right now?

Find Mi Way

Find Mi Way Cover.png

Taking smooth Hip Hop to the next level with lyrical content from two of Canada's top Jamaican MC's! G Major XCLSV and Blue Ray 7 deliver a versatile message hoping to inspire you to find your way through whatever triumph life deals you.

Artwork Credit: G Major XCLSV


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